Associate FAQs

Q. What is the Assessment Process?

A. We evaluate potential associates through a robust selection process. After submitting your CV and personal statement we will ask you to complete a registration form. We will then invite you to attend a face to face interview (or Skype interview, depending on location). During the interview stage you will be required to give a presentation. We are looking for people who can combine not just experience and expertise but also the personal skills, values and interpersonal skills that we think are necessary to be effective in the environment in which we operate.

Q. What happens once I have been selected to be an Enable East Associate?

A. Your details will be updated to our database and an Enable East CV will be created which you will be asked to check to ensure that everything is correct. Enable East is committed to representing all Associates equally, which is why we submit all CVs in the same house style. We will then put forward your CV for assignments you are suitable for, as and when they come up.

Q. What is the Associate Database?

A.  All information is contained within our Enable East Associate database. Using this we can match customer requirements with Associates that can best fill the business need. All data held on here is handled in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Q.  How long is a role for?

A.  Most assignments usually require a commitment of somewhere between three and five days a week. Very rarely do we have the sort of work available to our associates that only requires a single or odd day. The length of a contract is variable but the maximum amount of days you can deliver services is 228 days per annum (although it could be less than this depending on the assignment you are delivering).

Q.  How often will work become available?

A.  We maintain a register of at any one time around two hundred associates of whom around about 50 to 60 will be working with us actively to deliver services to our customers. The frequency of work is dependent on the needs of our customers and the availability of our Associates.

Q.  What are your rates of pay?

A.  We offer very competitive rates to our customers and so we also look to offer competitive but fair rates to our associates as well. Enable East pays its Associates rates in line with the NHS Agenda for Change knowledge and skills framework and pay scales. The rate you will be offered will take into account the knowledge and skills required to deliver the contract and the rate agreed for the assignment with the customer.

Q.  What are the benefits of becoming an Associate?

A.  Enable East hand pick our Associates to work on projects that fit their skills set and experience. This way we are able to choose from our pool of highly skilled Associates with an excellent track record that have the key personal characteristics and attributes that the customer is looking for. The type of work our customers require is varied and can be in both the Public and Private Sector. This means there is an opportunity to expand business networks and work in new fields.

Q.  Is Enable East an Agency?

A.  Enable East has given consideration to whether the Agency Worker Regulations apply to our services to customers. However, we believe the Regulations are clearly not intended to apply to contracting and/or sub-contracting of project and programme management services of the type undertaken by Enable East. The Government’s guidance on the Regulations is clear that they do not apply to arrangements in which the relationship between parties is that of customer or customer of a profession or business undertaking, which we believe is the relationship between our customers and Enable East and its Associates.

Q.  What would be my relationship with Enable East?

A. How an Associate works with Enable East will be dependent on the type of project they are working on.  To determine the relationship we use the HMRC Employment Status Tool to determine the employment status.

  • If the outcome of the HMRC Employment status Tool determines that the Associate should be treated as employed, Enable East will employ the Associate with an honorary contract with Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT).  Enable East then second the associate to the customer and pay the Associate using our payroll arrangements making the required deductions for income tax and national insurance.  Enable East will ensure that all employment legislation is followed.
  • If the outcome of the HMRC Employment Status Tool determines that the associate should be treated as self-employed, Enable East will issue the Associate with a contract for service and manage invoices and payments.  Enable East will also require timesheets and check for evidence for tax compliance.

The HMRC Employment Status Tool can be found on the following HMRC website link

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