Independent and Clinical Investigations and Service Reviews

Independent and Clinical Investigations and Service Reviews

Reviews and investigations can be undertaken in any setting and their exact nature
would be discussed with each client on a case by case basis, ensuring that our
approach and focus will deliver the required reports in each situation.

Reviews are completely independent and can be commissioned either by provider
organisations themselves, or by an external agency with an interest in a particular service or organisation.

We work closely with customers to identify the key issues that need to be addressed and provide a comprehensive set of recommendations for action at the end of the review. We can ensure that the views of your key stakeholders’ are heard through a range of engagement activities.

Investigations can allow individuals involved in a complaint to feel more
comfortable in discussing their viewpoint. We can be an unbiased mediator
throughout the process and provide you with a structured report of recommendations
to aid resolution.

All of our investigations are carried out within the set policy or agreed terms of
reference of the organisation we are providing the service for.

An example: Serious Incident Investigation

A senior associate with extensive experience in undertaking investigation following
serious incidents undertook a complex investigation which required;

  • sensitive handling of relatives and friends
  • discussion with other agencies including police, local authority safeguarding
  • interviews with a range of staff in different organisations
  • review of clinical records

A report is produced which effectively addresses sensitive and complex issues and
provides credible recommendations.

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