Community Renewal Fund

The UK Community Renewal Fund was a government programme launched for delivery in 2021- 2022. Its aim was to support people and communities most in need across the UK, creating opportunities to trial new approaches and innovative ideas at the local level as part of the levelling up agenda, in readiness for the launch of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

In 2022/23 Enable East in conjunction with Harlow College, were awarded over £750,000 to deliver a Community Renewal project. Delivered in both Harlow and Tendring the programme offered a variety of activities that each supported the skills development, wellbeing, and employment prospects of participants.

Enable East led on work in Tendring where socio-economic challenges negatively impact the patterns we see in young people’s movement through education and into employment. School students were supported through activities easing the transition between key school years (11,12 and 13).  With a focus on wellbeing, resilience, and aspirations. Whole year groups participated with additional support available to individuals identified as at risk of disengaging with education. In total this project support more than 1300 students in Tendring.

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