“Project management at its most simplest is about getting things done… Enable East is helping people grinding away at the coalface of projects to do it better. To quote Susannah Howard: “It’s a failure to see the bigger picture that prevents meaningful change.”

James Simons, Editor ‘Project’ magazine, Association of Project Management


“I would thoroughly support the team’s work for an award; it is a project that could spread the learning nationally. We know that family carers will be doing more and more caring at home and this project has broken new ground in increasing the understanding of their need and the ways in which people can work together. I feel privileged to work with such an inspiring team.”

Jacqui Martin, Chief Executive, Suffolk Family Carers


“Thank you very much. I can see that a significant amount of time and energy went into your final report and it has taken us a considerable way along the road to addressing some of the key issues we face in Bedfordshire. We have set up a working group to implement the recommendations. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Lee Miller, Head of Joint Commissioning, Child Health, NHS Bedfordshire


“Without the very effective support and leadership from your manager, statutory organisations like us in Cambridgeshire will find it difficult to implement the Mental Capacity Act as successfully as we have done. She is a very good communicator and she had provided an effective link to the Department of Health in terms of information-sharing and highlighting what the essential tasks were. She is very approachable and all inclusive and as such, she managed to cultivate a culture of sharing and promoting good practices amongst all of the MCA Leads in the Eastern Region.”

Joseph Yow, County MCA Lead, Cambridgeshire County Council


“It has been a pleasure to work with your manager. Whilst having a great sense of humour, she is very focused on her work and is very open and broad minded. She is not afraid to challenge professionals .Her extrovert personality makes her an excellent candidate to engage in variety of settings.”

Rejane Brianceau-Morice, Consultant Practitioner, Adult Safeguard Unit, Essex County Council


“Your manager worked with NHS Suffolk and partners to help us to deliver a project, the 90 Day Challenge, in a very short time frame. Her incredibly enthusiastic and positive personality combined with really practical problem-solving skills helped us to build and sustain a team which delivered real outcomes for patients. Her wealth of knowledge and very approachable style of facilitation was a significant factor in our success.”

Jennie Fisher, Community Engagement Manager, NHS Suffolk


“Enable East were commissioned by the Essex County Council Early Years Workforce Development team to deliver training to staff working in Childcare settings and Children’s Centres with the aim of improving awareness of mental health issues and who to refer to when more specialist help is needed. Here are just a few quotes received about the training: Excellent trainer who made this course really interesting and fun. Very well run and interesting course which has made me want to learn more and have registered to do some of the modules mentioned on the CD. An informative course giving me knowledge and confidence. I now have the confidence and knowledge to approach a parent about this delicate subject if and when needed. Very informative. Supporting course material excellent. Gives a good base knowledge. The tutor for the course was outstanding. He spoke in layman’s terms and explained everything fully. He added just enough humour to keep a difficult subject matter easier to openly discuss without belittling it. Superb course from which I have gleaned a lot of knowledge. It was an instructive and informative course, enabling one to recognise and understand many of the misconceptions regarding mental issues.”

Trudi Bishop Commissioning Manager for Workforce Planning and Development – Early Years and Childcare

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