Positivity & Well-being training

We believe that developing skills in personal well-being and emotional resilience is just as important as professional development. Our courses cover a range of topics, from managing one’s personal well-being, to safeguarding the emotional health of those we work with and care for.

Below is a list of all the training packages Enable East provides focused on positivity and personal well-being. Click on a title to view more information about each course. Alternatively you can view our entire Training Brochure


Adult Mental Health Awareness

This interactive course looks at the causes of mental health problems, coping mechanisms and how to help people in distress.

Download ‘Adult Mental Health Awareness’ information sheet


New Beginnings – Children and Young People’s Mental Health Awareness

A practical introduction to emotional well-being and mental health specifically for anyone working with early years, primary school or secondary school aged children.

Download ‘New Beginnings’ information sheet


Bounce for Business

A fresh approach for employers and employees to get to grips with well-being in the workplace.

Download ‘Bounce for Business’ information sheet


Bounce! ‘ed’

An exciting workshop which helps students develop skills in dealing with stress, increases their feeling of well-being and empowers them to be more resilient.

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An innovative, engaging workshop designed to help individuals take control of their well-being and take practical steps towards improving their resilience to the stresses that life can throw at them.

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