People-centred training

Get the very best out of your staff with our selection of skills and value based courses. Develop a workforce that is effective, insightful, motivated and compassionate, while making the most of who they are as individuals as well as colleagues.

Below is a list of all the training packages Enable East provides focused on people development. Click on a title to view more information about each course. Alternatively you can view our entire Training Brochure


The Speaker Expert Masterclass

Learn the secrets and techniques to delivering a perfect presentation – a must for anyone who needs to stand up and present to an audience.

Download ‘Speaker Expert Masterclass’ information sheet


Leadership Excellence: Learning to Lose Control

A course promoting self-awareness in leaders: delegates will be eased gently out of their comfort zones and helped to discover their leadership excellence.

Download ‘Leadership Excellence’ information sheet


Clinical Leadership and Management Development (bands 6, 7, & 8a)

Leadership and Management are two different things – this course looks at the differences between the two and highlights the main drivers of effective team dynamics, and the causes of a breakdown in team morale.

Download ‘Clinical Leadership and Management Development’ information sheet


Preparing Staff for Inspection

External inspections by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) or other agencies can be a daunting prospect for frontline staff. Our training will build confidence among your staff to respond to the inspection process and engage positively with inspectors.

Download ‘Preparing Staff for Inspection’ information sheet


Insights® Discovery

An engaging, reinforcing and transformational insight into yourself and others. Insights® Discovery provides profile tests and tools using a unique colour system to identify personal preferences and those of your colleagues.

Download ‘Insights Discovery’ information sheet


Myers Briggs Team Indicator (MBTI)

After more than 50 years of research and development, the current MBTI tool is one of the most widely used instruments for understanding normal personality differences or ‘Psychological Type’.

Download ‘Myers Briggs’ information sheet


Her Invitation: Female Power and Influence

A powerful programme that addresses the factors that can hold women back from progressing within the workplace and empowers them with the confidence to succeed.

Download ‘Her Invitation’ information sheet


Conflict Resolution for Clinical Teams

Allows a team to develop a shared understanding of the causes of conflict and how to deal with it effectively.

Download ‘Conflict Resolution for Clinical Teams’ information sheet


Conflict Resolution for Managers

A positive approach to working through conflict and building on strengths and best practice, enabling employees, teams and organisations to focus on thinking effectively and functioning well.

Download ‘Conflict Resolution for Managers’ information sheet


Emotional Intelligence: Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Workforce

Develop the foundations to be able to deal with any personality or situation by understanding how we react to each other on an emotional level.

Download ‘Emotional Intelligence’ information sheet


Managing Difficult People

Learn how to deal with difficult people in an assertive, non-confrontational way.

Download ‘Managing Difficult People’ information sheet


Human Dimensions of Change

Change in any capacity can be a daunting prospect. This course looks into human aspects of a change process and examines why some people put up barriers to change while others embrace it wholeheartedly.

Download ‘Human Dimensions of Change’ information sheet


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