Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement

When you need to gauge public opinion, increase stakeholder engagement or run a formal consultation, Enable East can help you with the entire process, from conception to evaluation.

Consultations can be a tricky process to navigate; from ensuring the effective engagement of your local communities to developing a detailed yet inclusive consultation document, there are a myriad of elements which need to be achieved to secure a successful outcome.

Enable East has experience of delivering efficient consultation processes which actively engage communities and provide comprehensive, analytical results that help shape services going forward.

Our Stakeholder Consultation Co-ordination options

  • We will discuss with you the subject of your consultation, gleaning all the information we need to write a detailed description of why the consultation needs to take place, advise on the questions that should be asked and detail how the results will be analysed
  • Our highly experienced communications professionals can develop a stakeholder engagement strategy and advise you on how to best engage with your target audience
  • We can develop the consultation document to be released to your target audience: this will detail all the various options, the pros and cons for each option and clearly state how people can take part in the process
  • Our experienced team can help in the coordination of drop in events, sourcing venues at competitive prices and arranging dates for events
  • We can work with our partner agencies to design a cost effective yet professional consultation document and accompanying questionnaire to be supplied to you for dissemination or alternatively we can arrange for dissemination
  • If you would like your questionnaires to be available online then we can produce an online version as part of the package
  • Your consultation document and questionnaire will also be available to you as an electronic file for you to upload on to your website or social media platform
  • We can provide you with a ‘point of contact’ for your consultation process, so all enquiries come into our office and are dealt with by one of our experienced core team members
  • Once the consultation process has ended, we can help you with the analysis of results, and writing a report which details the findings and sensitively outlines how services will change in the future


“Enable East has a great understanding of community consultation – how to reach out to people and make commissioning issues easy to understand. Their approach is professional and informed yet still personal to all who engage. Enable East has a structured and thorough methodology to their engagement and consultation which gives reassurance. Their outcome reports are clear, comprehensive and grounded in understanding. We would highly recommend Enable East for community consultation.”

Mid Essex CCG Continuing Healthcare Consultation


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