Analysing the delivery and outcomes of a project is key to understanding what has worked well and what could be improved in the future.

Enable East has carried out a number of evaluations, helping organisations to dig deeper into their project or service and really understand what value they have added, and where things could be made even better.

Watch our video about evaluations to see how we can help you understand the outcomes and impact of your service more.


Download our Guide to Writing Evaluations which we developed as part of our Well-being in the East portfolio.

We value the importance of effective evaluation – a number of our own programmes and projects have been externally evaluated in the past, allowing us to celebrate our successes, assess which elements of our working structures and approaches have been effective and identify areas for change in the future. You can view some of the evaluations we have been part of here:

Well-being in the East 1

An external evaluation carried out by Hall Aitken assessing the effectiveness of our first Big Lottery Funded programme Well-being in the East. – Download


An independent evaluation by Research as Evidence of our well-being training programme, Bounce! – Download

Well-being in the East 2

We were proud to be mentioned in the overall national evaluation of the Big Lottery Fund’s Well-being 2 programme, of which Well-being in the East was part. – Ecorys evaluation of the Well-being programme

Veterans MCN

Our Veteran’s Managed Clinical Network project was evaluated by The Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Research Unit. – Download


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