Bid and Business Case Development

Our experience preparing bids and tenders equips us to assist others in developing high quality applications for funding from a wide range of organisations.

Over the years, we have developed business cases for a variety of purposes – from the development of new clinical services, to the expansion of business capability. A good business case is succinct and defines exactly what has to be achieved, how to achieve it and outlines the resources needed.


How can Enable East assist you in writing a business case?

Our approach to preparing bids, proposals and business cases include:

  • Support through the entire process including completion of PQQs (pre-qualification questionnaires), and facilitation of a positive and effective dialogue between bidding and funding organisations
  • Interim capacity that can flex through the lifecycle of the bidding or business case development process, providing the crucial additional help when required to focus on getting the job done
  • Knowledge of the critical success factors and effective strategies for working with different funding organisations to ensure success
  • Ability to facilitate and negotiate partnership and joint applications for funding involving more than one organisation

Our experience of supporting the development of successful bids and tenders includes preparation of proposals on behalf of charitable organisations as well as development of transformation funding applications for public sector organisations. We have helped many public and private sector organisations to secure new sources of funding.

A clear business case supports sound investment decisions that are based on strategic fit, adequate options explored, affordability, improving efficiency, achievability and commercial arrangements that are value for money, informed by reliable estimates.

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