Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

Are you looking to prepare your organisation for an external inspection? Perhaps you need to carry out an evaluation of your project or want to engage with your local stakeholders. Whatever it is you need help with, Enable East's Knowledge Hub is here to help.

This collection of videos, blogs, resources and how-to-guides is aimed at sharing our knowledge and expertise with you, allowing you to pick up tips, explore different ways of approaching a task or highlighting areas in which our experienced and skilled team could help you manage and deliver your project. The hub will be growing all the time so check back regularly to ensure you don't miss anything.

We are keen to share our knowledge with you, and we also want to hear from you if there is a specific topic you think could be covered within our Knowledge Hub. It's a community where we can share tips with each other, learn from others' experiences and reduce the need (and time it takes!) to 're-invent the wheel'


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