Information and Resources

We want to offer all round support which means that along with the face to face activity provided through our HeadsUp project, we have produced a variety of information around different aspects of wellbeing and job seeking. We’re also pleased to provide links to several other organisations who offer relevant information in these areas. Whilst we hope you find these resources useful, nothing can take the place of human contact. Please speak to friends and family if you feel overwhelmed or are struggling.

Looking after your wellbeing

Taking care of yourself comes in many different forms from eating well, to getting a good night’s sleep or being out in the fresh air. All of this (and much more!) combines to make you feel more positive about yourself, and often more able to face the challenges that life throws at us. And taking care of your own wellbeing is just as important as our skillsets when seeking and maintaining work.

Other helpful websites

Live Well – NHS
Essex Wellbeing Service
Mind, the mental health charity

Helping with Job Searching

There are a variety of practical skills required when seeking work or looking and applying for training or education courses. Please click on our Top Tips below to help you think about how to present yourself in the most positive way.

Other helpful websites

Careers advice – job profiles, information and resources | National Careers Service

Applying for jobs |

To find out more about the employment and wellbeing support offered by HeadsUp please visit our project and referral page here