Getting ready for employment or Jobsearch: Skill Pods

Developing practical skills is a key part of our programme, and our ‘Skill Pods’ are designed to help achieve this. Essentially they are a series of informal lessons all very relaxed, normally offered on a one-to-one basis. They cover a range of topics from basic IT to a brilliant CV, learning how to use job search sites or preparing for an interview. Our Development and Skills Officers will support participants throughout.

Geoff and Jess, our Development and Skills Officers

How Participants sign up for Skill Pods

Participants will already be working with one of our fantastic Peer Support Workers, and in discussion with them they can decide which Skill Pods might be useful to attend to help achieve the goals they are working towards.

The different sessions on offer can help participants take positive steps towards employment, job searching or volunteering, but these sessions might not be suitable for everyone which is completely fine. Participants who do wish to participate can do so at their own pace.

Support from local Businesses

For some participants meeting employers in a range of settings can be a brilliant step forward. Mock interviews or supported discussions can be arranged when the time is right, and work experience or site visits can be equally beneficial. A number of local employers have already come along to meet our participants and given informal presentations sharing ‘top tips’ and giving the opportunity for questions.

If you are an Essex based Business and want to get involved

We appreciate how important your time is but if you would like to support us please do get in touch. We are delighted to share stories (with your permission of course) of any work that we may do together.

Tel: 01206 489912