Key Pad Voting

Give your audience an immediate voice, at the touch of a button.

Our comprehensive Key Pad Voting package takes care of everything from compiling questions and interactive activities, to running the technological side and providing you with analytical results. Key Pad Voting technology actively encourages audience engagement and influences participation, discussions and interaction, all of which offer powerful aids to improving an event’s outcome. The system is ideal for use with any audience size and because it is completely portable, you can use it wherever you want to deliver training content, gather feedback, collect information or conduct audience voting.

Key benefits:

  • Great for collecting opinions and feedback
  • Gives everyone a voice and helps you identify any common consensus
  • Audience members can be honest as answers are anonymous
  • Fully customisable – design your questions to deliver responses against your objectives and goals
  • Ensures an interactive learning environment
  • Monitor your audiences’ understanding with ‘Understanding on the Spot’ check-ins

Our system offers you a wide range of engagement style choices, from a multiple-choice approach, alphanumeric responses or even essay style questions. We have vast experience in helping to ensure that your questions and chosen style of engagement meet with your event’s desired outcomes perfectly.

The system uses a PowerPoint style presentation to deliver questions to audience members which can be uniquely designed to meet your objectives and sit in line with your organisation’s branding guidelines.


Our Key Pad Voting Package:

Our team will help you use the Key Pad Voting system to your advantage and full benefit. When you book our package we will:

  • Help you plan: We will help you compile your list of questions and determine your style of engagement which will be aligned to meet your event’s core objectives
  • Design your presentation: Following a consultation with you, our technicians will develop your presentation in line with your branding and ensures it covers all the information you wish to gather from your session
  • Take the pressure off: Our experienced technicians will take complete control of the Key Pad Voting system during your event meaning you can relax in the knowledge that the technical aspect is all taken care of
  • Monitor responses: We will help you identify measureable outcomes and monitor results and audience opinion as your event takes place
  • Provide analysis: We can help you analyse the responses you receive to ensure that you get a complete picture of activity and meaningful data for future use

Enable East is able to offer versatile and user-friendly audience Key Pad Voting systems, featuring the latest in response clicker technology and are among the smallest, lightest clickers in the industry.


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