A bespoke service which takes the pressure off you, and puts the emphasis on creating a successful, memorable event.

What is Facilitation?

Events and meetings are often more effective when there is a designated person taking control and managing the flow of proceedings. This ‘facilitator’ ensures that an agenda is followed, the audience is able to contribute and set objectives are met. At Enable East, our team of highly experienced, skilled facilitators can help you deliver a meeting or event which is effective, interactive, correctly paced and provides tangible results.

Key Outcomes:

  • Keep your event running to schedule and stays on point
  • Allows the event organisers to participate in the event rather than getting immersed in the facilitation
  • Increase the productivity and effectiveness of the event in terms of results and evaluation
  • Help set objectives and design an event around achieving them

An Enable East facilitator can help turn your event vision into reality: we work closely with you to identify what outcomes your event should be delivering and design the event around these. We have a wealth of experience in creating unique events which incorporate practical and creative ways of meeting and exceeding goals and objectives.

Our personable facilitators are innovative and flexible; we have worked with a wide range of different audiences and can adapt our style and approach accordingly to match the environment and culture in which we are working. We bring with us a ‘can do’ attitude, blended with a mix of humour and energy to ensure your event shines and delivers exactly what you are looking for. Enable East facilitators are focused, fair and will encourage the audience to participate where appropriate.

How can we help?

  • We facilitate events and meetings of any size: our service is completely bespoke and designed around your individual organisation
  • We will work with you to establish what your event should deliver and design the agenda around this
  • We will lead the event, ensuring it is kept to time and on point
  • We will encourage audience participation where appropriate, and moderate the discussion elements to ensure everyone has a voice and adhere to the ground rules set out at the beginning of the event
  • We will ensure the smooth running of your event, introducing speakers, overseeing questions and answer sessions and facilitating the beginning and ending of break times
  • We will summarise the key points of the day to be delivered back to delegates at the end of the event and provide you with a copy for follow up reports
  • We will ensure that all ideas and points are captured accurately, and that any action items are noted so that follow-ups are assigned and actioned


“I absolutely loved the day. Your approach, presentation and personality is so refreshing and made everything so much fun!”

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