Care Treatment Reviews (CTRs)

The CTR focuses on four areas: is the person safe; are they getting good care; do they have a care plan and can their care and treatment be provided in the community. They are carried out for:

  • People receiving long-term care in a specialist learning disability or mental health hospital – to see if they can move to a community setting
  • People who are at risk of being admitted to a specialist hospital – to see if there are any other options to prevent an admission
  • People who do need specialist hospital care – to ensure they have a care plan with clear outcomes from the start, that focuses on transferring them back to a community setting, to prevent unnecessarily lengthy hospital stays

The CTR team involves the commissioner and two expert advisors – an individual or family member with experience of learning disability services (an ‘expert by experience’) and an independent clinician – to ensure that care plans meet individuals’ needs. Those who are providing their current care are also involved in the review. Following the CTR, the review team makes recommendations, with follow-up checks to ensure the activity is being delivered

What can we provide?

Enable East has a group of clinical experts able to take on the roles of clinical advisor and/or represent the commissioner for the Care Treatment Review process. All our clinical experts have clinical backgrounds, equipping them with the depth of expertise and necessary skills to carry out the review to the highest professional standards.

Our team will interview patients, carers and care coordinators to assess the safety, happiness and welfare of the patient. They will assess all associated paperwork, evaluate the individual circumstances and review the current situation before providing you with detailed recommendations for next steps.

Key points

Enable East have vast experience in carrying out Care Treatment Reviews and are perfectly positioned to assist your organisation in the process and completion of these reviews for your patients

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