Mental Health

With our roots firmly planted in the mental health sector, Enable East has been involved in numerous initiatives and projects to improve mental health care. From service redesign, to mental well-being initiatives, Enable East has been at the forefront of working with all stakeholders to deliver innovative approaches in the community and services.

Being part of transforming mental health services has allowed Enable East to utilise the combined years of experience of our core staff within the mental health sector and call upon the expertise of some of our best known associates. We have been at the forefront of developing new services and support networks to ensure the most vulnerable in our society have access to the help they need. The award winning Veterans First project was the first of its kind in the country and aimed to develop an effective, integrated mental health service for former Armed Forces personnel and their carers.

Enable East is also acutely aware of the need to train others in the importance of recognising signs of mental ill health and has developed a number of training programmes to ensure that people have the skills and sensitivity required to help those that need it.

Some of our work within the mental health sector has included:

The Journeys Programme: a project which radically redesigned the mental health services provided by a major NHS Trust. We engaged clinical staff from across the organisation to develop a strategy to improve the experience of the service users and carers accessing the services.

Ground-breaking services for Armed Forces Veterans: Veterans First provides expert assessment of individuals with veterans status who have mental health needs and ensures that those individuals receive the care and support needed in relation to service-related conditions.

A way forward for a Local Mental Health Liaison Service: we were commissioned to evaluate the pilot Mental Health Liaison Service (MHLS) of a large city hospital to consider if it should continue in its current form or whether an alternative model would be more effective.

Helping to ‘Release Time to Care’: The aim of the Releasing Time to Care (RTTC) programme was to allow clinical staff more time to deliver high quality frontline services to patients. Enable East worked with staff in a mental health organisation to ensure they could carry out their RTTC commitments; questioning why work was carried out in specific ways and identifying improvements in order to streamline processes.

Reviewing Local Specialist Care Pathways: Enable East was commissioned to deliver a report that provided information that could be used to re-engineer regional pathways to create a new integrated care pathway for patients with Personality Disorder (PD).

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