Created on 19 October 2022

What job should I do?

As one of the Development and Skills Officers on the HeadsUp project I get asked this a lot. The answer is… I have no answer. It is a very difficult thing to decide what you would like to do for a job, especially if you have never worked before, had a career break, are unable to return to your previous career or just in general.

This is a decision that only you can make, but at HeadsUp we do talk this through and help you to come up with your own decision of what jobs you would like to do.

Here are some of the recommendations we make or activities we do together:

  • Look at volunteering in a sector you are interested in
    Sometimes if we have no experience in a sector it feels daunting trying to get a job in that sector, volunteering is a great way to test out whether you like the sector, AND make you more employable in the chosen sector as you then have volunteering experience to add to your CV.
  • Do a free Level 2 course in a sector you are interested in
    There are lots of free courses out there which will give you some knowledge of the sector you may be interested in to help you decided whether you may enjoy a role in that sector, it gives you a taster and as they’re free there is no harm if you change your mind about the sector after, plus courses are great to put on your CV so win win.
  • Research different job sectors
    A lot of the time we don’t know what jobs exist until we do some research, we may have an interest in a sector like Admin, but it’s a good idea to look in to what roles are within/involve Admin to see which jobs you may want to apply to – the National Careers Service ‘explore careers’ section on their website is great for this as you can also see what experience and/or qualifications are needed for different roles.
  • Online quizzes and assessments
    There are many websites that offer quizzes and questionnaires that will then suggest sectors based on your interests and skills from the results, this can give you ideas of sectors or jobs you may enjoy doing.
  • Look at the job market
    It is always best to consider what the job market is like in your local area or preferred working area, you need to be realistic as to what jobs are available in your area, for example you can’t get your heart set on working on a farm if you live in a built-up city with no farmland for miles. This can be done of job search sites to see what the most popular sectors are.
  • Work backwards
    Sometimes it is easier to work backwards, list all the jobs/sectors you wouldn’t want to work in to see what is left over, for example if you know you don’t want a customer service/public facing type role this will leave certain backhouse type of roles to consider such as warehousing. Make a list of these roles and then another list of ‘maybes’.
  • Think about your personal life
    Think about what you enjoy in your personal life and consider if you could do training to make it a career, for example if you love cooking could you become a chef or kitchen member, if you love gardening could you consider this as a career. Think about what you enjoy doing, if you like being social maybe customer service is for you, if you are very empathetic and enjoying helping and supporting others, maybe the case sector for you.

Remember that sometimes jobs are steppingstones to a potential career so it’s okay that you may not be in your dream job straight away.


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