Created on 13 July 2022

The Magic of Music

Music is magic

For me there is something primitively soothing about this music, and it went straight to my nervous system, making me feel ten feet tall”- Eric Clapton

Music has saved me so many times, from spiralling into a black hole. I have had my head in a pillow that is covered in black mascara tears wondering how I will ever feel better again, then a song comes on, and I lift my head… I like this song… it’s one of those you can’t help but sing along to. At first- I am singing and crying at the same time, it’s terrible, but by the end of the song I am Stevie Nicks in all her bohemian glory!

Music can make you feel transcendent, like you are soaring through a swirling cosmos on the back of a pink dolphin. Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, anything with an epic instrumental solo, it makes you sing, it makes you dance, it can feel chaotic at times, but you feel.

It gives you a cuddle

And even when it’s not as dramatic as all that, it can wrap itself around you and give you a lovely cuddle. I recently experienced a huge loss and am currently trying to navigate my way through a period of grief, its hard but music speaks to me, it comforts me

“Sweet dreams til’ sunbeams find you,
Sweet dreams that leave your worries behind you,
But in your dreams whatever they be,
Dream a little dream of me”

Music isn’t a miracle cure that solves all our problems, but for me, music is magic. What is it that pulls you out of your pillow, what is your magic?


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