Created on 8 June 2022

Are you happy?

Are you Happy? It’s a question I have asked and been asked just this week.

I was talking with a long-distance friend that moved out to America a few years ago, it got me thinking how do you measure it? How do you answer that? Realistically it probably depends on the person you’re speaking to and how honest you can be.

When I asked this question to a friend, he described it as a ‘Loaded Question’ which made me rethink my measure of success in life. Instead I said, are you content? This made me think about my own life as well, no one can maintain happiness all the time but to be content is a success. To be content in the moments in our lives, simply walking outside and feeling the sun on your face, or watching the rain, new episodes of your favourite show and speaking with friends. Finding those content moments how ever small in everyday life is a true measure of success.


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