Created on 9 March 2022

Stephen from Southend

Stephen had been working in a restaurant when his Mum became poorly and needed 24-hour care. He decided to quit his full-time job and provide care for his Mum but sadly after 10 years his Mum passed away. Stephen said he then found himself not doing anything, he was just sitting around in the house and watching TV and films. He said that he had always been a bit of a loner and didn’t want to go to work as it didn’t bother him. He felt happy doing nothing for a while but then he started to feel anxious and depressed, although at the time didn’t recognise that this was what he was feeling.  This then progressed to become suicidal thoughts.

Starting with HeadsUp

Stephen lives with his sister, and she noticed how he had become withdrawn and encouraged him to go to the doctors. They assessed Stephen and confirmed he had had a breakdown and prescribed antidepression medication. The medication helped him to feel less anxious and depressed and he began to feel more motivated. The doctor also referred Stephen to Therapy for You which he found very helpful. As he was discussing his feelings and how he would like to get back in to work, Therapy for You suggested HeadsUp to him.  As the project supports participants just like Stephen to find work Stephen thought it was a perfect opportunity as he didn’t know where to start.  His Peer Support Worker (PSW) discussed creating a CV and how to look for jobs on the internet as he said he didn’t feel very confident having been out of work for so long. His PSW suggested working with a Development and Skills Officer (DSO) on his CV and other skill pods, such as interview types and techniques. Although he wasn’t sure if it was going to help, as time went on working with his DSO, Stephen said he started to feel excited about the thought of getting a job.

A smashing CV!

He was engaging in all the skill pods and really looked forward to his weekly call as it gave him a purpose and something to focus on.  He particularly enjoyed the interview skill pods, as this gave him so much confidence about what to expect, the different types of interviews and how to structure and answer questions using the STAR technique. Stephen said he was only hoping to come away with a CV and now he has a smashing CV, and the confidence to job search and apply for jobs!

Interview Success!

Stephen said “I can’t believe the support I’ve received from HeadsUp and most of all, after only 2 months of being on the program, I’ve successfully searched, applied, and got a job working in KFC! During the interview, I was able to answer the questions using the techniques that I’d been taught, and I used my CV to talk about all my skills”

Overall, Stephen said the support from the PSW gave him hope, he felt organised and they helped him order a birth certificate. He said that the support from his DSO was life changing. He said his confidence grew every time he met and that recapping the interview skills and exploring his CV really helped. By creating a new CV, it showed him how his skills are transferable and that made him begin to believe in himself. His sister noticed a huge difference in his motivation even after the first few weeks!  She could see that he was happier.

Looking back, Stephen said “I’m proud of sticking with the course and most of all getting a job!! I’ve started working on a 20-hour per week contract and they’ve already asked me to work more hours as they are so pleased with my work. This has made me more confident that I’ve made progress in the company so quickly. I would definitely recommend HeadsUp and to take all the advice, listen and do the workshops as these are brilliant. Just take on everything they offer”



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