Created on 2 March 2022

Fluidity – understanding our own wellbeing

One of our Peer Support Workers explores how understanding change and the fluidity of our own wellbeing and mental health can be really helpful.

We’ve all heard the News and we’ve all been through a very wild ride the last few years, the changing of the news stories and the events has just put fluidity in the centre of my mind.

Fluidity as a coping mechanism

I speak about fluidity a lot in my work and just in my general life. How our wellbeing and mental health is fluid and changes from day to day, for me personally coping mechanisms have changed the way I see my ‘worst times’ when I’m not quite feeling myself I like to use that time to indulge in my wants and needs, Understanding the fluidity of our wellbeing can also be the fluidity of our ‘self care’ when I’m feeling good or on a high I like to use the time to clean or exercise and eat well, when I’m feeling low and all I want to do is block out the world so I will indulge that part of myself and then pick back up the next day and just listen to my bodies wants or needs.

We all need to learn to be kinder to our minds and bodies and listen to the cues they give us, indulge when you need to and be active and healthy when you can.

Be kind to your body and your mind and it will be kind to you.


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