Created on 8 November 2021

It’s lovely when participants come back to say hello!

I wanted to write a blog to let everyone know how much HeadsUp has helped me – not just during the time when I was on the project, but since I left. I truly believe that it has made me a stronger person – and that’s not only down to the help from my Peer Support Worker, but also from attending the workshops which helped me build resilience and an inner strength – mainly from realising that others are going through the same thing and it’s “not just me”.

I had HeadsUp support for just over a year, and completed a Level 2 qualification. I did go for a couple of interviews, but I wasn’t successful – although I didn’t let this knock me back. I did some volunteering. That helped too.

Time Passes

It’s actually been 3 years since I left the project. I haven’t found a job since. I’ve also had quite a few life challenges during that time. Some to do with family, some to do with my anxieties, and some related to the lockdown situation. But my outlook has changed completely and I no longer feel as though I am failing if I’m not working. I feel happy, content, fulfilled. Words that would not describe me before HeadsUp. And I am doing more training, which I know will help me get a job when the time is right. And I might do some more volunteering. Who knows?

Thank you Signpost and HeadsUp.


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