Created on 19 October 2021

We all get nervous ..

Thoughts from our new Peer Support Worker

Nerves, we all get them from time to time and some of us more than others. Sometimes we might dread them, but they are a sign that adrenalin is pumping which is often for really positive reasons. HeadsUp is an employment support project, but that doesn’t mean that our team don’t get nerves on the first day of a new job too!

Enrolling my first participants 

While I am no stranger to working in customer-facing roles; in retail, local politics and instructor roles, I did find myself wondering what I was letting myself in for on my first day in my new job. I’d been unemployed for quite a long period of time so I felt nervous about how things would go.

Sitting alongside my manager who I was shadowing to begin with, I listened and observed how they were approaching signing up new participants to our project. I realised that it was going to be ok, and thought Yes I can do this role.

I found the process of signing up my first two participants straightforward, and I’m looking forward to supporting them through their HeadsUp journey.

It’s Okay

The moral to this brief tale is that its ok to be nervous, everyone has nerves when doing something for the first time!


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