Created on 19 October 2021

Finding space and a place . . . again….

Our Peer Support Worker Reflects upon the impact of changing situations

We surprise ourselves perhaps by our need to find space again.  The world is starting to feel busy and finding space can seem like climbing a mountain.

Making Adjustments

After returning to a kind of ‘normality’ some people are finding themselves struggling with full shops and busy public places. Some have found it easy but I have found myself becoming overwhelmed and feeling claustrophobic, it seems like everyone has just adjusted right back to the way it was before, but there is no rush. Finding space again in the ‘public world’ has been a big thing for many of us, finding a small quiet corner in our favourite coffee shop or walking into your favourite shop and there’s no queue (small victories!).

Working with participants out in the world visiting libraries and cafés has really helped with a slow acclimatise to this busy world, it’s helped to build resilience to the hustle and bustle that we have ‘un learned’.

Importance of Resilience

Resilience is key to wellbeing and is a focus of our work with participants at HeadsUp. Building resilience can help to strengthen our existing skills and increases our ability to apply them to deal with stressful and difficult situations.

HeadsUp can help build resilience in three ways, firstly, our wellness and resilience building workshops which help you recognise the potential and skills that you already have and build upon them. Secondly, we help you make a plan to achieve your goals and take steps to get you there which improves resilience and wellbeing. Lastly, we offer targeted support sessions to help develop your practical job seeking skills and build confidence to attend interviews.

Whatever your goals are, HeadsUp are here to help.


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