Created on 1 September 2021

Myth Busting Apprenticeships!

There are loads of ways to take steps towards employment, you might consider volunteering, work experience, training, and education before you job search, and of course there are many apprenticeship options too.

There have been quite a few misconceptions about apprenticeships which hopefully once you’ve finished reading this will be cleared up! Firstly, what is an apprenticeship? An apprenticeship is a position that combines practical training within a job with learning and is often referred to as ‘Learn as you earn’.

• Apprentices are employed and earn a wage; however, this wage is dependent on apprenticeship level/ what year of apprenticeship you are in and your age.
• Apprenticeships are NOT age restricted; however, you do need to be over 16.
• If you are an apprentice you get holiday pay, e.g. a fulltime apprenticeship would get 20 days paid holiday as well as Bank Holidays.
• You can apply for apprenticeships on the .gov website, but apprenticeships may also be advertised on normal job search sites such as ‘Indeed’ or on company websites.
• Apprenticeships aren’t only 1-2 years but can range from 1-5 years depending on their level.
• If you are not quite ready for an apprenticeship you can do a ‘traineeship’ which is designed to prepare you for one however this IS age restricted to 16–24-year-olds.
• There are many levels of apprenticeships, such as level 6 and 7 Apprenticeships which are equivalent to the educational level of a Bachelor’s or Masters.
• Your employer gives you time to complete studies, at least 20% of normal working hours must be spent on training/study.
• The training does not have to be within a classroom, it can take place in a classroom, at work or online, but your employer can give you more detail on this as it is it is dependant on the employer and the qualification you will be achieving.
• Apprenticeships are not just for trade roles such as construction but cover a wide variety of sectors.

Apprenticeships can be a great way to get into employment, learn a trade or get into a sector you have little experience in. It gives the ability to learn new skills, get into a routine and boost your confidence of being within a working setting.

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