Created on 1 September 2021

“Freedom Day” – what does this mean?

With 38,928,936 people having had a 1st dose of vaccine and 30,452,042 the 2nd in the UK [at the time of writing] most people feel safer and more hopeful that life will return to how it was. Many are venturing out to more places, people are gradually spending time back in the workplace and some are even taking their first trips away.

Realistically though there are many in our communities who are struggling to get out and about. For some this is due to a physical or mental health condition that existed before the pandemic and for others existing conditions have been exacerbated by their experience of the last 18 months. There are also people who have developed mental health conditions particularly anxiety and depression and we need to be as aware as possible and supportive to those around us who might need our help.

In the context of HeadsUp we are thinking about ways to support people who are unemployed and really want to find work, but for a variety of reasons including some of those listed above, struggle to do so. One thing that we might chat about with our participants is to consider volunteering. If someone is struggling with confidence, interacting with other people or generally just getting into a routine of having work commitments, then volunteering is a positive first step. It can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction and gives the opportunity to develop skills that might help you get back to work when you are ready (depending on what you are doing it could also have a bonus of helping you stay physically healthy too!).

There are many different challenges around us and with the right support it is possible to move on with our lives, one small step at a time.


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