Created on 19 July 2021

Different ways to job hunt!

It has been very hard 15 months or so for people who have been made redundant due to a turn down in business or a business closing permanently. But now that restrictions are being lifted some companies are starting to actively employ new workers.  ‘Normal channels’ such as job seeking web sites and employment agencies are being used and some companies are also asking their current work force if they know of someone who might be interested in working for them.

Job hunting through ‘word of mouth’

Over recent weeks some of our HeadsUp participants have found family members and friends mentioning opportunities within the companies/organisations that they work for themselves. It may not always be the right type of work for the participant, but it just goes to show that there are many different ways to find out about new jobs.

If the job in question wasn’t what you are looking for why not mention it to your friends and family as they might know someone who is interested !



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