Created on 18 May 2021

Sure and steady steps to success!

The last few weeks have been quite busy here at our Tendring base and we have seen an increase in participant enrolments which is just great!

The majority of participants remain engaged and focussed on the programme even though we’re (Peer Support Workers) still working remotely with them.  But, we are in the process of planning to see participants face-to-face once again and I think some will be really glad to have this support.

We had a lovely outcome for one participants who after being on the project for several months, has started an accredited qualification at our local Mental Health Hub. While I was supporting him I arranged for him to volunteer at the Mental Health Hub and this has resulted in him enrolling onto another project and completing a Customer Service L1 accredited qualification. They’ve been really busy taking up all of the opportunities available to them which is such great progress!

I have since learnt that he even has a part-time cleaning job aswell which is excellent news for him, and just goes to show what can be achieved even in these recent tricky times with perseverance and the right support.


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