Created on 18 May 2021

Spring and new beginnings

So, Spring is here allegedly – I’m currently looking out of the window at grey clouds and rain. But the weather forecast has promised there will be blue skies and sunshine this afternoon, so I’m planning a cup of tea in the garden (if necessary, wrapped in blankets!)

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and this year is no different. In fact, now more than ever we need some sunlight to show us the hope on the horizon. Covid-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted and we are emerging from lockdown like bears from hibernation. Blinking in the daylight and slightly unsure of what changes have happened in the world.

For those of us with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues, this can feel particularly challenging. We should be happy that we’re regaining our freedoms. We should be happy that we can meet up with more people, or return to the workplace, or go shopping. We *should* feel all positive, sprinkling glitter and rainbows in our path like hyperactive unicorns…. And sometimes, we do feel like that. But sometimes, we think about the social distancing rules, how quiet the supermarkets were, how we could work from our duvet cocoon, how we didn’t need to venture out and interact with people. And people can be exhausting….

Just dealing with every day life is tough, especially when your limbs feel like lead weights, your brain is full of fog and your memory has gone on strike. Of course, that’s when our inner critic comes out to play. Berating us for feeling like that, for not been grateful or happy that the world is returning to a semblance of normal. Heaping the guilt on for not wanting to go to the pub, or Primark. But, actually, we didn’t always want to do those things anyway. And you know what, that’s ok. We do not have to be the life and soul of every party!

But, as Spring fights its way through the April showers (having apparently not got the memo that April is long gone!) we can rejoice. We can meet up with those we’ve missed on our own terms, we can walk, or sit, in the moments of sunny weather and just soak up the optimism (and the Vitamin D – it’s very good for you, but do wear sunscreen too!!) We can take it as slowly as we want to. The fact that we now have the choice, that’s the freedom. And every day is a new beginning.


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