Created on 18 May 2021

Achieve and Believe –

Achievement; the feeling when you win first place at Sports day or get a gold star at school for good behaviour. As you grow up it gets more difficult to get that feeling of Achievement and the self-confidence boost that it gives. Why is this? Perhaps partly due to the pressures we all put on ourselves and the fact that we don’t have people to praise us every day such as parental figures or teachers, maybe we need to start doing that for ourselves.

Finding the confidence to achieve goals is a struggle for most, HeadsUp can help boost that confidence in three ways;

  • Our confidence building workshops which can help you recognise the potential and skills that you already have and build upon them
  • Our PSW support helping to make a plan to achieve your goals and take steps to get you there which in itself improves confidence and self-esteem
  • Our DSO skills development support which provides targeted sessions focusing on your employability skill such as confident interviews

I’ve learnt to try and encourage others to see Achievement in everything they do, you went out for a walk today or you applied for that job or attended that interview even if you didn’t feel too confident – that’s a great Achievement. Being a Peer Support Worker has allowed me to help others see their achievements and how capable they are as well as reflect upon my own. PSW’s offer support to help individuals to focus on those small and big goals, and find a sense of satisfaction and pride in them all.

Whatever your goals are – HeadsUp are here to help!


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