Created on 18 May 2021

Achieving our goals

I often speak with my team about their work load and how we handle daily, weekly and monthly goals. What is often shared relates to changes that have been made in the last year in order for us to still reach people effectively, and change can sometimes make achieving goals feel overwhelming.

One way of managing to achieve your goals may be to tackle them one small step at a time. An example of this would be to walk 6000 steps a day, it could feel daunting to wake up early and walk this distance all at the same time so you might choose to take a few short walks instead, making the overall goal feel achievable (with the added bonus of feeling healthier and fitter for what seems like little effort at all!).

Managing our time is often half the battle. Thinking about what we want our outcome to be provides focus, it also helps to share your goals with others which allows for input and recognition, this often leaves us with a boost of support and confidence even when you may feel you may not need it. Step by step we come to realise how much closer we are to our overall goal. Plan, share, fulfil and complete would be a great way to succeed in achieving our goals.


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