Created on 21 April 2021

Introducing Debbie from Ingatestone

Debbie had been out of work since June 2019 and despite looking online and applying for jobs she felt quite lost. In September 2019 Debbie heard about HeadsUp and signed up as she felt the support could help build her confidence and it might be beneficial to have her CV reviewed as she ‘wasn’t sure what companies were after’.  She hadn’t worked in an office for over 17 years, but this is where Debbie saw herself, however her low confidence meant that she had little faith that she might be able to achieve it.

Because Debbie was going through a divorce she was desperate to get in to work, she wanted to prove that she could look after herself as she ‘wanted to stand on my own two feet’. She explained that she ‘went into survival mode to look after herself and children’ and she wanted to make her kids feel proud of her. Debbie wasn’t worried about signing up with HeadsUp as she felt she needed direction and at the point felt ‘lost’.

HeadsUp gave Debbie the direction that she needed and with support from both her Peer Support Worker (PSW) and a Development and Skills Officer (DSO) she developed her job seeking skills and subsequently her confidence grew. Her DSO supported her in editing her CV to create two high quality CVs and learn how to use information from them to support different applications. She completed other Skill Pods including online applications and Interview techniques and the latter she found particularly helpful as it had been a long time since she had attended a job interview. This gave her a newfound confidence and Debbie felt prepared for the interviews she was starting to get, leaving her feeling very grateful for this support.

Debbie felt that she was staying on track and reflected that ‘having this support has been my crutch and I really appreciated having this, you cleared my head and held my hand as we’ve gone through’. She has had a lot on her plate and having continued support from a PSW and DSO has helped Debbie to stay focused, as she admits that ‘I may have given up for a while if not for your support’. Having HeadsUp support during this difficult time in Debbie’s life has allowed her to stay on track and move forward. Something she values even more due to lockdown which has resulted in her not talking to people regularly.

Debbie particularly values completing her CV with a DSO and having support with online applications as she now feels more confident with being able to promote her own skillset without feeling over the top. Her confidence has grown with completing online applications and now has the confidence to apply for many different jobs as she now understands how her skills are transferrable to many roles. The whole experience has had a positive impact on her resilience as she now knows that if she doesn’t hear back from a job it’s okay.

Debbie feels like ‘there is light at the end of the tunnel’, she’s started being offered interviews and getting shortlisted, coming close in the application process which is such an achievement. Debbie has now been offered a role which she has accepted and will be starting a job as an Accounts Administrative Assistant, which is brilliant! Debbie reflects that ‘HeadsUp helped keep me focused and moving forward, I would definitely recommend them – nothing to lose and only to gain.’


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