Created on 5 April 2021

Wellbeing as Lockdown Lifts

As we approach the time when it looks like lockdown will at last start to lift, a lot of people are feeling anxious about life returning to ‘normal’ and indeed what this even looks like now. Many people they have been isolated for much of the year, not had face to face conversations and have had to change their usual routines. Taking care of your mental wellbeing has been a big part of lockdown but what we may not all appreciate quite as much, is just how important continuing this practice will be in easing anxieties as things start to relax.

Some tips on how we can look ourselves include;

• Take things at your own pace, just because someone else is ready to return to their pre lockdown life doesn’t mean you have to be
• Challenge yourself to try something new every day or every couple of days
• Share how you’re feeling with someone you trust, they may be struggling just as much as you
• Try to pin point what is it your anxious about and plan ahead for this, for example if public transport is a concern try to go at a quieter time or find an alternative plan
• Your physical health and mental health are linked, having a small walk, staying hydrated or finding a new activity such as painting, reading or singing can help take your mind off things

Most importantly check in with yourself, are you feeling stressed? Happy? Angry? Sometimes you may not even be aware of mental stress until it is overwhelming. Take account of your own emotions so you can catch this early on and try and talk to people whenever you can about how you feel as this really is a time for us to all look out for each other!


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