Created on 1 March 2021

Finding ways around the IT challenge!

As a Peer Support Worker I’ve found the last few months challenging. With continued remote working the challenge has been to find different ways to support my participants in order to keep them engaged with the project.

The majority of my participants unfortunately don’t have a computer at home or do not have internet access, so this has meant adjusting how I have been supporting them. We’ve been creative though and produced several in-house courses including; Customer Service, Job Seeking Skills and IT which collectively supports the participants with employability skills and enhances their CV.

Several of my participants are now completing these courses and where they do have a computer/laptop, with their approval, I have been posting out the course materials for them to work through and so far this is has proved quite successful!

Hopefully things will improve in the near future, with the roll-out of the vaccines for everyone and then I should once again be able to see our participants face-to-face and fully support them with their future goals.


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