Created on 15 December 2020

Facing the Interview Fear Head On!

Interviews are often a big fear factor when jobhunting, and even more so for people who might have been out of work for some time or for whom it’s been a while since they have interviewed. The experience of one of our participants is a great example of how determination and support can help you to face this fear.

Our participant had always found interviews nerve-wracking. She was often successful in obtaining interviews due to her strong applications and previous work history, but her nerves hampered her performance. Of course, on top of this recent months has seen Covid-19 producing additional interview anxieties as they move away from being face to face.

Our participant was still being invited to interviews but found many were conducted “virtually” over Skype or Zoom. Her anxiety over her unfamiliarity with this medium meant she would just turn down the interview rather than risk coming across as incompetent.

We worked with her to increase her knowledge of using different software including how to download and install the various programs as well as how the different features worked. She could then practice with her husband until she felt familiar enough to have the confidence not to turn down any more interviews.

Our Skills Officers helped her to improve her general interview skills which increased her confidence allowing her to demonstrate her abilities that had previously been confined to her application forms.

Her next interview turned out to be face to face and the work she did with HeadsUp helped her secure the job! On reflection she feels that it was her anxiety linked to anticipating interviews that caused her problems but she now knows that she can overcome this and is completely able to come across really well in interviews of all kinds.

HeadsUp was able to provide a flexible service tailored specifically to the needs of the individual and resulted in yet another participant achieving their goals.


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