Created on 10 December 2020

Revisiting a creative side …

One of our participants is a great example of how the right support given at the right pace can really help someone to revisit previous periods of life, remember and even rekindle passions, skills and hobbies that make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Our participant had been unemployed for many years due to physical ill health and had on-going problems which left him very low and lacking in motivation at the point he joined HeadsUp. Between 1:1 support from his own Peer Support Worker and time working with the teams Development and Skills Officer on restoring his IT skills his confidence has grown and his PSW was even able to source funding for a new phone for him to use for job hunting. He was so encouraged by his own development that he has been able to pursue self-employment creating miniature gardens/object d’art and artwork which he has started to market and has already had some sales success.

Our participant reflected that; ‘Thanks to the support of Heads Up I have returned to an unfinished project from some years ago, making miniature gardens to sell. I’ve regained my confidence and started painting again, decorating objects d’art, creating landscapes and restoring an old rocking horse’

His next steps are to continue developing his artisan business and is getting ready to capture the Christmas market at boot sales and collaboration with local businesses.

What a great outcome for our participant, and just shows that with time, patience, lots of effort and the right support, anything can happen!


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