Created on 16 November 2020

Tackling a dip in our sense of wellbeing

Over the last few weeks we have noticed that some of our participants are struggling with their wellbeing. The continued uncertainty caused by local and national lockdowns has left some participants feeling more vulnerable and less optimistic about their future goals. Their Peer Support Worker supports them, discussing their concerns but also looking at practical steps they can take to get closer to achieving their goals. Here are some of the things that PSW’s are saying to their participants at the moment:

“ Stay mobilised. Doing something physical doesn’t have to be about exercising but about staying mobile and active. There are proven benefits of keeping active for our physical and mental health.”

“Listen to music. Put your favourite song or music on. You can sing and dance along or you can take those minutes to take a moment for yourself.”

“Try to cook something new and healthy each day. You can try this on a budget and see what meal tasted the best for the least amount of money. Taking time to look at ingredients that you use will benefit your overall wellbeing.”

“Try to focus on the future. Although times feel incredibly strange, things will pass. This is a temporary moment in a sea of uncertainty.”

All great advice when things around you are challenging!


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