Created on 16 November 2020

Make the best of the winter months

We recognise that as the days get shorter, the weather colder and as it’s getting closer and closer to the end of the year, it is getting harder to keep your motivation and spirits up. It is hard to beat the winter blues. However, there are lots of great opportunities out there at the moment, this blog is going to run through some of them, and hopefully give inspiration and spark ideas.

Christmas Temp work for example is a great way to get some experience and a bit of money around Christmas, you can carry on job searching throughout the holidays, but having something recent for your CV and a up to date reference will go in your favour!

There are a lot of Apprenticeships available which will give you training and work experience rolled in to one, this is great if you are starting out in your career, changing career or want to learn an unfamiliar industry

AND the good news is more and more jobs are coming on to the job market so now is a better time than ever to update your CV and get applying!

Whilst you are staying in more over the winter months why not complete some free online courses, you can still carry on your search for work, but having some recent courses to put on your CV is very beneficial.

So get looking and applying and persevere – even if you do have to do it whilst wrapped in a blanket with a hot chocolate!


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