Created on 29 June 2020

When a thank you note says it all

Sometimes you don’t need to write an awful lot to relay the message you are trying to get across. This note was sent from one of our participants to their Peer Support Worker (PSW), the person who had offered them 1:1 support from day one of our project, and you can see how much that had meant.

Our participant here already volunteered in an outdoor role but wasn’t required very often so his PSW  found an opportunity at a local Hospice who were asking for volunteers to support the maintenance team. After meeting and an induction they started attending every Wednesday (in Feb 2020) and really enjoyed being part of a team again.  A purpose and being constructive with their time made a huge difference to how they felt about themselves.

Our PSW actually [socially distanced] ‘bumped’ into that participant in a supermarket recently and they were such a happy, beaming person. They were thriving at the Hospice and a paid job had been created due to the extra precautions the Hospice were needing to take due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The participants Dad was with him at the supermarket, and he couldn’t be happier, he had seen such a positive change in his son.

The participant who sent the note above was in a very different place to the one that started with HeadsUp – such fantastic progress for this individual even in these really challenging times – a great outcome for all involved!



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