Created on 18 May 2020

Teamwork = ‘Mock Interviews’ still an option for our participants

One of the most important skills an employer looks for is the ability to work in a team, and here at HeadsUp we are proud of our track record of pulling together for the benefit of our participants.

Recently, a Peer Support Worker identified that one of his participants would really benefit from Development and Skills Officer support and referred them to Jess, his local “DSO”. Even though we are all currently working remotely, Jess was able to quickly establish a rapport through a series of telephone chats and agreed that the participant would benefit from a mock interview.
Looking at the specific job role the participant was interested in Jess was able to construct a relevant interview, and enlisted the support of Geoff (the other DSO) to hold a telephone mock interview “in character” as an employer to make the experience as realistic as possible.

The interview was a success, with all those involved learning a great deal from the process: most importantly the participant was able to receive structured feedback from a complete stranger, just like in real life.

We all know things are “different” right now; but it is increasingly likely that recruitment will take place through telephone or video interviews. We are proud that we are able to deliver such practice to our participants, helping them to the front of the queue when the time is right for them to turn to work, education, training or volunteering.


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