Created on 27 April 2020

Glen shares his experience

We asked Glen some questions about how he came to find HeadUp and how he’s found it so far…..

1: We asked what he was doing when he first signed up to HeadsUp?
Glen is in his thirties and was on ESA having been unemployed his entire life apart from a six-week temporary role in 2009. He applied for work often but never heard back. He felt bleak, depressed, hopeless and that it would be another year with nothing changing.

2: What made Glen decide to take the HeadsUp opportunity when they did?
He hoped that he might get the help he needed, something tailored to his needs.

3: What was he worried about and/or most looking forward to?
Glen was worried about meeting new people and what the project would involve. He was looking forward to building some confidence.

4: We wondered what the best thing was so far?
Glen said, “I feel more confident, hopeful and feel a lot happier than when I first started, I feel that I can achieve more than I thought if I put my mind to it”

5: What part of the project was he looking forward to most and why?
He said, “Updating my CV with my new achievements gained through volunteering three days per week and applying for jobs”

And our final question was,

6: What would Glen say to others in a similar position to him, would he recommend HeadsUp to them?
Glen would recommend HeadsUp, “It can change your life for the better”, “It has made a positive impact on my life and boosted my confidence”

What amazing progress so far, we cant wait to see how Glen continues his journey.


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