Created on 30 March 2020

New roles make a great impact in first month

Our Development and Skills Officers (DSO’s) completed Skill Pods (skills sessions that focus on a specific part of seeking work or training) all over Essex during February with the most popular one by far being the CV Skills session. A CV is used to apply for job roles and is a short summary of your career history, skills and experiences and DSO’s work with participants to either create a new CV or review what they already have.

Within this Skill Pod the participant is given a clear outline of how to structure a CV, including formatting advice. They also review the different types of CVs identifying which best suits the participants specific situation. They explore what buzz words are and how they are included in CVs and the application process tailoring their CV to the jobs they are applying for.

This is all completed as a one to one session and backed up by some key information given to participants to take away with them inlcluding top tips and a checklist to complete as a post session exercise. The feedback has been really positive so far as this is providing a great addition to the ongoing support already given to participants by their Peer Support Worker.

**Note: These activities are still currently available through the HeadsUp project as we have adapted our delivery methods to provide ongoing support whilst keeping all involved safe. We are providing support through email/ phone calls and video calls for our participants.


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