Created on 12 February 2020

Space allows reflection (and fun!)

One of our HeadsUp participants took their Peer Support Worker on a walk through Colchester Castle Park as part of a 1 to 1 meeting. They wanted to show the beauty within the grounds but also share a space where they often come to reflect and give time to their own wellbeing. The PSW enjoyed this so much that that she subsequently brought it to her own team meeting as she wanted to share with her team how humbling she had found it to actually take time to take in these surroundings. The team thought it sounded so wonderful they headed off after their meeting for a walk around Castle Park.

What they noticed from that 15 minute walk…

      • Daffodils were attempting to blossom- albeit slightly early for this time of year
      • The ground was littered with new buds of snow drops and forget me nots beginning to peak through the soil
      • The winter sun emphasised the beautiful sculptured gardens and almost amplified the magnitude of the Castle
      • The park was filled with sounds of birds singing and children laughing but was still so quiet- if that makes any sense at all!
      • There were fragrant smells from the herbs growing within the Mediterranean  garden- there was a wonderful lemon smell too but they couldn’t identify where that was coming from
      • There were different species of bees that were working in unison around a large honeysuckle tree
      • The inner child had not disappeared as they took to the zip wire for a team race!
      • Someone managed to hug three trees without the park ranger noticing!
      • One of the trees at the top of the park was gifted to Colchester in 1979, but what was fascinating was that a Holly bush appeared to have almost entered the tree and was growing from within its trunk
      • The stone water feature was beautiful. The way that the moss had started to form on the rock where the water was more still
      • The pond at the top of the park had its own beauty; wishes evident from the coins that have been tossed into the pond, the fish huddled together in the middle of the pond and the way the sun bounced off the surface creating a magical glare!
      • The local squirrels are tame and trusting…. but not that interested once they find out you have no food.

Time to breathe, relax, reflect, see, listen, feel…………..finding space is incredibly valuable, thank you to one of our own participants for reminding us of this.


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