Created on 8 May 2019

Participants realising their potential

Over the last few weeks Geoff, our Employer Engagement Manager has spent a lot of time supporting participants in the latter stages of job searching: applications and interview skills. Such activity creates a real buzz amongst the whole team when we manage to help someone realise their potential and move into employment (or education or training!).

Helping someone move away from an industry they’d previously felt trapped in, and into a field of work that matches their interests, really struck a chord with Geoff. Finding the right environment to work in is incredibly important for good mental health. All too often we tell ourselves that we must stay working in the same sector “because I can’t do anything else”, and this can cause or exacerbate illness. The good news is that with the right effort and the right support, you can make that break. If this is something that you’re struggling with, please do give us a call.

We can also offer you support if you’re looking at applying for jobs for the first time. This can be incredibly daunting if its been a while since you have done so and can remove some of the mystery of the process and help with understanding what the employer is looking for. With your agreement we can make contact with the employer and arrange pre-application visits, or explore other ways in which they can ensure you get a fair chance. We can be there to support you on interview day if you so wish, either for a bit of moral support before your interview or even to sit in on it.

So have a think about your next step and give us a call if we can help!


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