Created on 13 March 2019

A Busy February with Employer Engagement Activity

This month we’ve been doing a lot of CV work with our participants. In some cases we have had to help build a CV for people who have never worked, and in others we have had to condense twenty or thirty years of broad experience into a relevant, targeted document.

Very often a CV is viewed by its creator as a chance to tell a prospective employer everything they can about everything they’ve ever done, but as someone who has read quite a few in my time I can tell you that’s the wrong approach. There are loads of great (and free) templates online, or through Microsoft Word or Google Docs for example. Don’t be tempted to go too fancy, just choose a clear format and provide relevant information. Of course, we’re here to help…

Not every job application requires a CV, but they are very useful if you attend a job fair and want to impress recruiters there. We’ve been to two in February- one in Colchester and one in Harlow. At both we’ve been able to introduce participants to employers to help them overcome their initial anxiety, with positive results for all involved. If you want to find work, but are unclear about what you’re looking for, job fairs are a great place to start. You’ll find a range of businesses as well as other sources of information to help you decide your next step. And you never know, you might bump into HeadsUp…


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