Created on 5 February 2019

HeadsUp services develop in Southend

A new year brings a new team member to HeadsUp in Southend, and a relaunch of our services there. Welcome to Dave our new Peer Support Worker! We have been attending meetings in the local area and meeting up with new wellbeing focused teams, forming new relationships and referral pathways. We dropped in on a fantastic peer support event facilitated by Wellbeing Matters which brought lots of people who are currently living with mental health problems and service providers together, to discuss what services are available in the area and what else is required.

It was great to see what a range of services Southend has and talk about ways that we can work together. There will be lots of investment into Southend over the next few years, which means lots of employment opportunities! We have been learning about those opportunities at events across the South East.

We are looking forward to the better weather, brighter days lift the mood and get people out and about. To improve our own wellbeing, we took a sunny (but cold) winter stroll along the seafront.


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