Created on 29 March 2018

Meet Tom from Chelmsford

Tom is currently participating in the HeadsUp programme. He had problems in his previous job and as a result hasn’t worked for several months and is claiming benefits. Lacking in confidence and feeling low due to his experiences in his previous job, he had low self-esteem and really wanted some support with job seeking and confidence building.

Essentially Tom really wants to work and through open conversations with his peer support worker he has helped him to identify the challenges he was experiencing with his mental health in relation to job seeking. They explored ways that he could open up and ask for support in the workplace and understand how to manage relationships there.

During a month-long work placement within the NHS Tom found people very supportive and understanding and this experience has shown him that he is able to work and as a result his confidence is much improved

Tom is rightly proud of being able to job search, knowing how to fill out application forms, successfully attending the interview and learning how to manage in work. He now knows that when he has difficulties with others or understanding the work, he can be open and ask for help.  He is proud of his determination in not giving up and his capacity to continue to strive to find a job.

Tom has now applied for a bank clerk role within the NHS and is looking forward to an interview.  His work colleagues from the placement are giving him a reference and everyone at HeadsUp has their fingers crossed for him!

Tom said;

 “Never give up on what you want to do in your life, even if it seems impossible.  You might not see the light at the end of the tunnel now but always stay focused and do your best.”



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