Created on 29 March 2018

Meet Diana from Colchester

Before joining HeadsUp Diana wasn’t working and was claiming benefits. Due to health and personal reasons she hadn’t been employed for several years which has impacted on her confidence and anxiety around the process of returning to work. Recently Diana felt ready to try and get herself back out into a working environment again and as she knew she needed some help to get there the HeadsUp programme seemed to fit the bill!

Support from a HeadsUp peer support worker was fantastic, but Diana got most value from the workshops where she was put at ease by the trainers and proved to herself that she can do things outside of her comfort zone – she would never have been able to stand up in front of a group and talk about something, or speak out in a group before she did the workshops. Experience with HeadsUp enabled her to build her confidence to a point where with support, she started to apply for jobs.

We’re delighted that Diana now works part time (3 days pw) in a lovely restaurant in Colchester. She was really nervous before her interview but she is rightly proud that she still managed to go along for her try out day. She made some mistakes, but felt supported and feels confident that she can do the role and feels happy to ask for advice and support when she needs it – before she might not have had the confidence to ask!

At home Diana says she feels happier and more confident. She has a focus from working that helps her feel more able to deal with other things going on in her life.

When asked what she would say to anyone needing some support getting back to work Diana said

‘Go for HeadsUp as its great to do as you are not on your own and there are people there for you to help get back whatever you feel you’ve lost ‘



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