Created on 8 August 2017

Time to Effectively Manage Change

Our Associate in Residence, Professor David Shore recently spoke to the National Health Executive magazine while in the UK to host an event as part of our Development Programme for those aiming to become Higher Performing Healthcare Organisations.

Professor Shore spoke to the journalist about the importance of finding ways to become more efficient within the NHS, and that there is an extortionate amount of time spent wasted in meetings that deliver very little. He suggests that “organisations should reframe how they talk about meetings. If a one-hour meeting is attended by 12 people, it’s referred to as a 12-hour meeting, reflecting the human capital it takes up, or else a (for instance) “£193 meeting”, reflecting the potential cost in wages.”

National health Executive has run a whole article in this month’s edition following the interview – you can read it by clicking here.

We are looking forward to welcoming Professor Shore to the UK once again in October when he will be hosting a number of seminars around managing change, innovation and great leadership as part of our annual programme.


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