Created on 8 August 2017

A reciprocal link with Harvard University

Susannah Howard in US

In January 2016, our Director Susannah Howard braved the snow and ice of Boston as she featured as a guest lecturer at the Harvard University Extension School as part of the Project Management course syllabus. She presented ‘Tales from the Field’, which included examples from Enable East’s Bounce! Project and Journeys Programme to demonstrate how the principles of formal project management have been brought to life in a practical way, working with real human beings to deliver real change and results.

Susannah also spoke last month at the Chelmsford Women’s Institute (WI) the largest WI group in the country, delivering her TEDx talk entitled ‘Burn Her Anyway‘. The talk takes a look back at the groups of people who were vilified and persecuted for being ‘different’ over the centuries and explores whether there are still groups of people treated as such in today’s modern world. It also links to our ‘Extraordinary People‘ programme which also looks at the stigma and ‘pre-judgements’ that can be made about people who struggle with significant excess weight.


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